Modern Natural Rearing
by A*starz
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Image: "Allison" Bronze-GCh. BOSS A*starz Through The Looking Glass, NTD, CGC, HOF, NFP, NJP
A sixth generation MNR Keeshond, owned, raised, trained by the author.
Pictured at 5yrs of age.

Natural Rearing, in my definition, is the raising and keeping of dogs with regard to the whole dog, including a diet free from chemicals and a life that allows them to become all they can be with proper attention to their mental and physical states. Modern Natural Rearing is the natural raising of dogs, as stated above, within the practical confines of the modern world. I will refer to Modern Natural Rearing throughout as "MNR".

The articles include tips for rearing, vaccinations schedules, vitamin & herbs to use, suggested foods & recipes. It is all geared towards Keeshonden, however can be beneficial for all or mixed breeds. We hope you enjoy and that your dog will benefit from it!
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In looking at MNR, I will explain the program for several different ages and conditions of dogs, as follows:

Each topic is updated independently, so please go to it for updated info.

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This page is maintained by Donna Stekli

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