A*starz Titled Kees

Beautiful Valerie
A*starz Kees that have titles from: AKC (mainly), Canadian Kennel Club, NADAC, DoMoreWithYourDog....
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A*starz Action Kees

Valerie Tire
A*starz Kees that are active in ACTION DOG SPORTS ...
such as Agility, Flyball, Rally and more!
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A*starz Dog Info Pages

Satine BOS Natl 2005
Info + pictures on our most famous kees....
Many of our kees have achieved the highest titles in keeshondom. Read all about them.
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MEMBER: Keeshond Club of America, American Pomeranian Club, Capital Keeshond Club, Catoctin Kennel Club; American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit